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. Raices Gushu

Project for Xtant 2024


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The roots
Yunnan, the birthplace of tea ( Camelia Sinensis) is a west-southern province in what is now China. Tea trees are indigenous and long-lived beings that are still considered and treated like people’s ancestors. Gushu is a term that implies that tea has been made with leaf material from ancient trees, leaves that come from tall trees that are at least 500 years old.
These ancient Yunnanese tea trees have the deepest roots, that connect the plants with the energy of our ancestral Earth, that energy (Qi) comes up the roots to the trunk to the branches to the leaves to the buds that are picked and used to make Puerh tea.
Tea made from the ancient trees, gushu puerh tea, is plant medicine that can help us to re-connect humanity to the essence of life. We share tea in ceremony, in community and in silence to experience the connection that is natural to us.

The tea hut
I want to create a space, a transient space, that houses a tea chaxi (stage) , a space lightly delimited by the architecture of tea-dyed fabrics where we can sit together and share the medicine of tea. I will invite you to sit with others and quietly connect with yourself, the persons next to you and everything that is life. My explorative work has brought me to this space that has no time, it is a space that holds everybody’s needs and can comfort us with the sharing of the medicine of tea and the inherent peace. This space is a space that you can recreate anywhere, as long as you sit in silence, quietly and intentionally make tea and remember to remember. We are nature.

The intention
I am an artist, an architect, a fashion designer, a gallery curator, a tea seller, an herbalist, a parent, a student, a friend, a stranger, a person and a flower. I aim to be an instrument to bring the silent sound of earth that resonates through trees and sings songs of love to others with my practice, sharing what I know in a space that we create together.

The art
Textiles that are natural: hemp, silk, cotton and wool. Colors that stain with time and patience, through leaves and water, creating un-controlled beauty. Tea leaves, rusted metal, indigo and dirt. Pieces to wear and pieces to live with, fabrics. The limit between the architecture of the tea hut and the medicine we drink is blurred, is non-limit. We are here, appreciating and sharing a unique moment that is like all moments. Time stops, it seems, when we come to the tea hut.

The experience
Communal share of Gushu puerh tea within an environment conducive to a deep feeling of well-being. Foundational experience to extend into participants lives. Tools to carry out and into personal practice. Space, art and experience become one.

Portrait by Maria Cox, Brooklyn NY 2023